CAD M179 Video Review And Blumlein Pair Tutorial

CAD M179 Microphone Review

A video demonstration of the CAD M179 continuously variable polar pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone… first as a Blumlein pair on a drum and guitar combo recorded live in the same room, then showing an array of possible polar pattern combinations on acoustic and vocals. Watch in HD with a good set of headphones or…

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Recorded Music Is Aural Collage

Record Production is Aural Collage.

Record production requires long hours of tedious technical study and practice. You have to understand your gear and software. You have to learn endless tracking and mixing techniques. And, you have develop problem-solving skills under pressure. But, it’s even more important to wrap your head around the abstract nature of recording and mixing. Over the…

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Mastering Ethos

Do you really need audio mastering for your compact disc or digitally distributed release? Yes, I think so. And not just because I’m a mastering engineer. Here, I attempt to explain why it’s an important finishing step, as well as, what lead me to learn the craft of audio mastering. My Trip Down The Mastering…

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