Audiophile Recording, Mixing and Mastering

South metro Atlanta's full-service production facility.

Online Mastering

Audiophile quality at affordable rates. Ready for cutting vinyl, compact disc duplication or digital download.

Full Band Recordings

Track live in the studio to capture your band doing what it does best.

Why are we unique?

We take a hybrid approach to music production. Our analog production techniques blend with the flexibility and power of digital. Experience makes us efficient. Curiosity pushes us to experiment. Love of music pours out of everything we do.

Recording Full BandsStep 1: Recording

We specialize in capturing performance live in the studio with minimal necessary overdubbing. It's the best way to lay a unique foundation for your recordings showcasing your character and style. From there, we can take the production anywhere you like.

Mixing for High Resolution

Step 2: Mixing

We can work with our recordings or yours. We achieve a balance, tone, and stereo placement that immerses listeners. Our mixes have dynamics and depth. That gives you the flexibility to deliver your music in any format - now and into the future.

Mastering for Vinyl and Digital Download

Step 3: Mastering

You have great mixes. But, they need to work as a whole. We find the best song sequence and shape your album into a cohesive statement. Your album is ready for the vinyl lathe. It's ready for digital release. It's ready for film, television, and commercials.

Who are we?

Collective of producers musicians beatmakers

Founded by Jimmy Ether, we are a music production collective. We pull together musicians, songwriters, beat makers, recording engineers and filmmakers. Working together, we deliver striking productions.

Jimmy Ether is a record producer and engineer of 25+ years. He runs the Headphone Treats label and Capocus! Studios. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays in many bands and projects. Jimmy is also a GRAMMY member and BMI affiliated songwriter.

What do we have to say?

We've learned a ton from the recording community in over 25 years of making records. Our mission is to return the favor by sharing our experiences and knowledge. We'd love to know what you think, and please don't hesitate to ask questions.

CAD M179 Microphone Review

CAD M179 Video Review And Blumlein Pair Tutorial

By jimmyether

A video demonstration of the CAD M179 continuously variable polar pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone… first as a Blumlein pair on a drum and guitar combo recorded live in the same room, then showing an array of possible polar pattern combinations on acoustic and vocals. Watch in HD with a good set of headphones or…

Record Production is Aural Collage.

Recorded Music Is Aural Collage

By jimmyether

Record production requires long hours of tedious technical study and practice. You have to understand your gear and software. You have to learn endless tracking and mixing techniques. And, you have develop problem-solving skills under pressure. But, it’s even more important to wrap your head around the abstract nature of recording and mixing. Over the…

Mastering Ethos

By jimmyether

Do you really need audio mastering for your compact disc or digitally distributed release? Yes, I think so. And not just because I’m a mastering engineer. Here, I attempt to explain why it’s an important finishing step, as well as, what lead me to learn the craft of audio mastering. My Trip Down The Mastering…

How do our clients feel?

We are lucky to work with amazing bands and artists. Here are some of the nice things they have said.

Blake Rainey The Young Antiques. Clockworker produced by Jimmy Ether.

"Working with Ryan at The Ether Lounge has always been a rewarding and productive experience. I've had the pleasure of involving multiple projects with Ryan behind the board - be it audio recording, audio mixing or mastering - and every time I've come away satisfied with the results."

Matthew Byars of The Caribbean. Remix by Jimmy Ether.

"Ryan did a remix from a song off our new album, turned it around immediately, and it was wonderful: clever, unexpected, and wholly original. I couldn't have asked for a better experience--highly recommended!"

Bret Alain Phillips of Oldman Winter. An Artic Circle mastering by Jimmy Ether.

"I have worked with Ryan many times over the years. He has always provided me with exceptional service, quick turnaround and a wonderful end product. I hope to work with him again on future projects."

Robbie Horlick from Cassavetes. Record Production by Jimmy Ether.

"Ryan was an excellent producer -- he recorded my band's full length record, providing ample technical experience, ideas, enthusiasm, and creative support."

Paul Melançon and the New Insecurities. Recordings by Jimmy Ether.

"I've worked with Ryan Williams on a variety of projects and each experience has been a master class in professionalism and skill. Beyond his capability and comfort with the gear and tech, he brings an innate understanding of the creative mind to each project, and the ability to find the heart of the idea and make it sing."

Christo Harris of Orange Hat. Live Albums mixing and mastering by Jimmy Ether.

"Ryan worked with me to remix and master several projects from my band’s back catalog. He has a great ear for mastering and brought new life to our decades-old live performances and studio recordings. Considering the archival nature of the project, it also helps that he has no fear of ancient audio formats!"

John Lane of Expo. She Sells Seashells mastered by Jimmy Ether.

"Ryan Williams is a masterful professional. He has mastered a bunch of our albums, and with each project he has blown our minds with the finished product. Ryan simply has that special ear that you want on the job, particularly when you're too close to the project as musician/composer. His attention to subtleties and detail have few rivals. Add to that, he possesses a warmth and friendliness- not a musical elitist- which makes working with him such a joy. As I've said before elsewhere, he is the epitome of the Southern Gentleman."

Rob Gibson of Mister Fusty. Mastering by Jimmy Ether.

"Ryan mastered a couple of albums of mine and did an excellent job! The expertise and precision of Ryan's work impressed me and he was professional throughout the process. He brings a lot of creative ideas to whatever he does and for that reason alone I wouldn't hesitate in working with him again."