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I can pretty safely say that music saved my life when I was young. It certainly changed it and gave me confidence. I believe music knowledge rewires the brain and makes highly abstract information far easier to understand. I’d go as far to say it may be the most important subject in school with regard to improving learning across the board. Legislators don’t get this. And cuts to music education are rampant. So please find a charity supporting music in the schools and donate today. In fact, do that before donating here.

But, having done that…


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The articles, videos and artist features on this site are a labor of love. And I’m thrilled to offer them as a free service. But, obviously, they aren’t free to produce, host, etc. So, if you like what’s happening here, please consider making a donation. Anything you can give will help me not only continue developing content, but also give me the ability to focus more attention on the topic of recording. I appreciate it!

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But, if you prefer, you can also donate using Pledgie, which is a fantastically cool service:

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If you aren’t able to donate, there are other very valuable ways you can help out. I hope you’ll join me on Facebook by “liking” the Facebook Page as well as following me on Twitter! And please share the videos and articles you like with your friends.  Also, if you know some indie artists who are making creative recordings on their own, please feel free to Tweet, email or add a suggestion using the tab to the right of this page.

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