• Danglin’ A Foot Back In Tracking Waters

    Danglin’ A Foot Back In Tracking Waters

    Recored all you can in 16 hours plus meticulous mixing and mastering for $2000.

    Mastering Ethos

    Mastering Ethos

    My spiel about what mastering really is all about... and why you need it.

Expo – She Sells Seashells


Our friend John Lane’s project Expo finally sees the light of day featuring tons of great artists from across the globe. And in glorious MONO too!

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Blake Rainey – Appetizer Sickness

Fresh off the heels of a studio expansion in 2001, Blake Rainey and I dug into the making of his first solo album.

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Various Artists – The Ladder Failed

This was one of my first professional mastering jobs. This compilation launched Lazyline records.

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    Make A Complete Album in 16 Hours
    There's two things that I feel strongly about:
    • A recording should be a document of sound in place and time which should immerse the listener in that moment.
    • Bands should not invest more in a recording than they should reasonably be able to make back in less than one year.
    And that's why I've crafted this package. It gives bands a meticulously tracked, mixed and mastered release that honestly documents 16 hours of hard work. And at the current sale price, a band can break even with 400 digital album sales at $5 each.

    Currently on sale!

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