If you want to book a mastering session, the best way to lock in a reservation at the lowest price is to place an order here. But, if you are more comfortable speaking to me about the job first, feel free to call me using this cool Google widget:

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One really super-awesome thing you should do is sign up for the mailing list? Why on earth would you do that? Well, I’ll you. Every once in a while I set aside “pro bono” time to do a little mastering work for a deserving artist. “Pro bono” is Latin for “HOLY CRAP! FREE MASTERING!”. Seriously. I minored.

But regardless, it’ll be real rare that I send out more than one email per month. Probably less. And I kill spammers for sport. So they won’t get their hands on your email… even their cold, dead hands. Anywho… sign up here:

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If you’re just looking to chat about a topic, ask for some advice or just say “hi” prefer that to happen in a public venue so everyone can potentially benefit from the discussion. You can comment on a post here, make a suggestion using the “Suggestions” tab on the right of each page.

But off site is great too! In fact, it’s super-great…

Jimmy Ether on Twitter Jimmy Ether on Twitter: This is the place I’m probably most active on-line. In fact, I can be reached more quickly here than anywhere.

Jimmy Ether Audiophile Mastering and Recording Tips Facebook Page Jimmy Ether Audiophile Mastering and Recording Tips Facebook Page: The Facebook page is the best place for community discussion about the topics discussed here and a good way to keep up with new posts. If you are a big Facebook user, please do “like” us:

Subscribe To Jimmy Ether on YouTube Subscribe To Jimmy Ether on YouTube: If you mostly care about new video tutorials being added, subscribing here is a great way of keeping up, commenting and sharing with others.

JimmyEther on Vimeo JimmyEther on Vimeo: Usually I post same videos here as well. Not as busy. Prettier site. Better quality video at times. So that’s an option too. Plus, sometimes long videos look better here, so at times I may only post here.

Friend Jimmy Ether on MySpace Friend Jimmy Ether on MySpace: Anybody still use this thing? Other than bands relentlessly spamming links to their $20 album? Seriously? Okay, add me here if that’s your thing. I’ll try to log in once every month or so. :)

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