Jimmy Ether is a recording and mastering engineer (; a recording artist who plays in The Ether Family Presents…, The Aloha State, Inverted Jenny, (all the) Sceneless Hipsters and more; a label owner of the Headphone Treats artist collective (; a lyricist and songwriter; a music fanatic spanning all space and time (but with a particular affinity for Experimental Pop, Bebop and Hall & Oates); a dabbling filmmaker with the utmost admiration for the craft of cinematography; a coffee nut who home roasts and is continuously in search for the perfect bean; a budding single malt Scotch aficionado with a particular love for peaty Islay drams; and an occasional cyclist foolishly convincing himself he can handle a “century” (100 miles) in the next decade sometime.

He is currently obsessed with the patterns found in chaos and the Science of Complexity, so that kinda blowhard intellectualism might crop up here as well. He also fancies himself a humorist though, so jeez… just beware all the way around you know? I mean, we frankly don’t understand how so much self-gratifying ego can reside in one human being without becoming Tom Cruise, but to our amazement he is not — nor has he ever been — a member of the Scientologist party. Nor is he “soft” on Communism.

Check out the Perpendicular Crosstalk podcast featuring Jimmy Ether and Andrea Kremer. It’s funny… in that it doesn’t exist yet.

If you are a band or recording artist in need of fantastically detailed audio mastering with an audiophile attention to resolution and sonic depth, Jimmy may be your man. Affordable too. Give him a call at 678-561-EAR4 (3274). Or email mastering [at] jimmyether [dot] com.

Or, if you are making a film, video game, video presentation or the like and need some moderately twisted and quirky accessible music, Jimmy can help you there too. sync [at] jimmyether [dot] com.

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