Various Artists – The Ladder Failed

This is the info for The Latter Failed.

From IndiePages:

“I think that compilations that focus on a group of fairly unknown bands are a good thing. This cd does just that: of the 18 bands on here, mostly from the southeastern US, I’ve only heard of 2 or 3 of ‘em. Sure, it’s always a big risk to release a compilation cd without “big-name bands” on it to help sell the disc, but if they’re done right, they can be much more fun to listen to. The music on this comp is primarily bedroom pop music – lots of one-person projects recording at home on a four-track. The overall pace of the record is a bit slower and laid-back, but there are a bunch of great pop moments on here, such as the soft Club 8/Shoestrings-ish twee pop of See Venus, the equally soft Fairline Parkway (who remind me a bit of Aden or Brittle Stars), the really really cool Ether Family Presents (imagine Amy Linton fronting Slant 6), and the vaguely Ropers-ish Lookwell (who I’d quite like to hear more from!), among others, like Lopez Jar and Gritty Kitty. Speaking of the Brittle Stars, there are TWO side projects here: I Love You (Stephen), with a casio cover of Rocketship’s “She’s Gonna Make Me Cry”, and Dan’s project, Clarify. Unfortunately, not all of the bands are very interesting (see Pacer or Polline), and there are way too many instrumentals (four or five; I lost count) that I didn’t much care for. And this compilation makes the error of not including ANY information about the bands at all, which is especially glaring since almost all of these bands are relatively unknown.”

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